FOSSGIS2013 - 36 2013_07_29

Konferenz für freie und Open Source-Software im GIS-Bereich und für freie Geodaten

Petr Pridal

Petr Pridal is the founder and CEO of Klokan Technologies GmbH. He is working on several exciting mapping and geo projects with global impact and leading a small team of programmers who are developing software applications for government agencies, institutions, universities, commercial developers and culture heritage sector all over the world. During the last years Petr participated on development of many great software technologies (MapRank Search, MapTiler Cluster, MapTiler, Gdal2Tiles, Georeferencer, MPlayerOSX, ...), he is actively contributing in various open source projects (IIPImage, OpenLayers, GDAL, ...), and presenting his ideas and results on conferences worldwide. Recently he launched a global federated geographical search engine for historical maps available at


petr dot pridal at klokantech dot com