FOSSGIS2012 - 0.29 05.04.2012

Konferenz für freie und Open Source-Software im GIS-Bereich und für freie Geodaten

Mag. Cornelius Roth

Mag. Cornelius Roth is holding a Master’s degree in Applied Geoinformatics and is working as senior researcher at the Centre for Geoinformatics, Salzburg University (Austria) since 2003. He is involved in UNIGIS distance learning and a range of national and EU funded research projects in the field of GIS and airport management, sensor integration, security and emergency using location based services. His research interests lie in developing geo-information services (SDI), sensor networks, VGI, standardization and GMES. In UNIGIS, he is responsible for the coordination and development of UNIGIS´ elective eLearning modules.


cornelius dot roth at sbg dot ac dot at