FOSSGIS2013 - 36 2013_07_29

Konferenz für freie und Open Source-Software im GIS-Bereich und für freie Geodaten

Simone Giannecchini
Tag Freitag - 2013-06-14
Raum 3.010
Beginn 09:30
Dauer 00:30
ID 542
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Vorträge (GIS)
Sprache der Veranstaltung englisch


the open source server for interoperable spatial data handling

GeoServer is an open source geo-spatial server written in Java, following the common Java 2 Enterprise practices, allowing for the handling, distribution and analysis of geospatial data.

GeoServer allows to distribute, handle and analyses data using the most widely accepted OGC standards (WMS, WFS, WCS and WPS), without forgetting specific extensions for a transparent interacting with clients such as Google Earth and commercial software in general, and providing support for the now common protocols based on REST and GeoJSON for the distribution of simple vector based data.

The presentation will give the audience an exhaustive overview of GeoServer 2.2 functionalities for the creation of interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructures, with particular focus on the new functionalities introduced with the upcoming GeoServer 2.3 release as well as on the WPS 1.0 spatial data analysis capabilities.

Closing the presentation we’ll see some recently added features and improvements, such as the ability to transform data on the fly while rendering, WFS 2.0 and WFS paging, optimizing PNG outputs, better WMS cascading and virtual services.

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