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Freie und Open Source Software für Geoinformationssysteme

Cédric Mouillet
Tag Mittwoch - 2011-04-06
Raum Hörsaal Geb. 227
Beginn 16:00
Dauer 00:30
ID 192
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Vorträge (GIS)
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Mobile Technology for Spatial Data Infrastructure

How to provide a mobile solution for geodata diffusion

This presentation will provide an overview of the Geo Open Source Web Mobile technologies. Several Spatial Data Infrastructure are currently using OpenSource technologies in order to provide Web mapping solutions. The customers want now to access the geodata through mobile technologies. In the past few months, several libraries, like JQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch have been made available. The question is to know how it is possible to use these libraries with geodata.

The presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Definition of mobile use cases
  • Introduction to mobile development
  • Overview of availables OSS libraries for mobile development
  • Presentation of the mobile application of the Swiss Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Trends in the Geo Mobile World